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We provide the best advice, on an unrivaled schedule, for a wide range of financial services. Always customer-oriented as a PARTNER, not as a supplier, all our customers are monitored over the long term and are aware of variations and new market opportunities.

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Personal Credits

Request a new credit, refinance your exiting credits or group your credits at one spot! Get an appointment now.

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Personal Credits
Personal Credits

Rachat de crédits

Vous cumulez plusieurs factures et souhaitez trouver une solution. Le rachat de credit est conçu et adapté à toutes les situations. En regroupant vos crédits, leasings et cartes de crédit, vous allégez votre budget et n’avez plus qu’une seule mensualité à payer.

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Business credits

Get up to CHF 300,000 with terms up to 12 months. Find out straight away how much you qualify for, by contacting our agents. One working day until final decision, 48 hours to pay-out! Up-to-date tracking from application to pay-out.

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Personal Credits

Individual advice

Because each situation is unique and different!

Our advisers take into account your personal, professional and financial situation to advise you best.

Our service covers the following steps:

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Our values

  • Our pricing policy is transparent.
  • We apply the most reasonable pricing plan according to your situation.
  • We will instantly review your solvency, conduct an audit for free and you do not have to commit.
  • There are no hidden fees, no strings attached, or bad surprises.

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Loan illustration: loan of CHF 10'000.-. Effective annual interests rates between 4.9% and 9,95% over a 12 month period lead to total interests of between CHF 318.- and CHF 524.-. Duration: 6-120 months; Maximum annual interest rate (including all loan handling costs) 9,95%. Loans approval are prohibited if they lead to excess debt for the consumer. (Art. 3 LCD).