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With more than 20 years of experience, SD Conseils has built trust with the largest Swiss banks. Thanks to our out of competition conditions and our team of experts, we assure you a response within 12 working hours for all types of financing.

We are also committed to following our customers over the long term and we will inform you as soon as new products are available on the market or if the granting conditions are more favorable than currently! Request loan Plane





Your vehicle belongs to you from the first day, you are not limited in KM and can resell your vehicle at any time.


Do you have renovations to do on your property but can't increase your mortgage? Do you want to install the pool of your dreams at home? We have the solution !


Are you going to move and do you want to offer new furniture? Ask for a tailor-made offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Switzerland, interest rates vary, from 4.9% to 9.9%. Your professional and financial situation is decisive for knowing your personal rate.

100% free service !!! The credit application and advice are completely free. You pay nothing other than the agreed monthly payments.

Once your request is accepted, 14 days after your money is available! If the amount of your credit exceeds CHF 80,000, the payment takes place immediately! The law imposes a revocation period of 14 days, this is why the payment takes place within 2 weeks.

The effects on your taxes are positive! You fully deduct the interest on the credit from your taxable income. In addition, the balance of the debt decreases your fortune. You automatically receive each year a certificate for the tax authorities.

Amounts between CHF 3,000 and CHF 300,000 are possible. To find out your maximum amount, make an online request and you will quickly receive a personalized offer.

We offer insurance that guarantees payment of your monthly payments. After a certain period of time, this cover pays you all the monthly payments in the event of involuntary unemployment, illness or accident.

Yes, you can settle your credit before the scheduled date, at any time. You save the remaining amount of contractual interest.

Yes, SD Conseils does not set a deadline for an increase. Contact us for an increase offer

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Loan illustration: loan of CHF 10'000.-. Effective annual interests rates between 4.9% and 9,95% over a 12 month period lead to total interests of between CHF 318.- and CHF 524.-. Duration: 6-120 months; Maximum annual interest rate (including all loan handling costs) 9,95%. Loans approval are prohibited if they lead to excess debt for the consumer. (Art. 3 LCD).